Glen Canlas

Currently Located in San Jose CA working with the mobile game company, Playnext inc. Studied Animation at the Art Institute of CA- San Francisco and later switched to Game Art and Design in Sunnyvale.



Nova Smash A mobile game based around a slingshot mechanic with rpg elements. My responsibilities included concept and creating the UI scheme. Concept and creation of the characters and character Style, and help Manage assets and outsourced artwork.


X-men: Battle of the Atom Mobile card battle game Developed by Playnext. Responsible for UI Appearance, Banners, Landing pages, Icons, Card art (Including reviews), Dialogue portraits and other in-game assets during development and live stages. Still available in the App Store and Google Play


Assassins Creed Memories Mobile game co development with Gree. No longer available but gameplay can be seen here

Responsible for various icons, Art review and UI elements.


Dragon Legion. Mobile game by Aeria games, no longer available. trailer Responsible for Overall UI appearance.



Immortalis by Aeria games.A mobile card battle game. Responsible for various UI elements including the title, Banners, landing pages, icons, and card art during the development and live stages. Still available in the App store and Google Play:


ArmyGeddon by Aeria Games. This mobile was never completed but featured low poly 3d assets in a asynchronous turn based strategy game. I started my internship at Aeria games mainly building and painting low poly 3d props.



Six Gun Galaxy by Kicknation. A facebook game no longer available. but a video can be seen here.

Responsible for building textures as seen here: